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Note to Potential Foster Parent(s):

Persons who have been pre-approved and inspected will foster animals for Hog Heaven Rescue Farm, Inc. in their own home until a new permanent adoptive home can be found. While being cared for they are trained and socialized, and by fostering an animal, you help create room for another animal in need to come to Hog Heaven Rescue Farm, Inc.. You get the enjoyment of that animals companionship and love. Its a win win situation. Expenses incurred while maintaining a foster animal ARE tax deductible. That includes vet bills, farrier bills, deworming, hay, grain, and board fees, but not your time. Animals in foster care are still available for adoptive homes, (except those with special needs determined to be permanent fosters)

The Foster Care Contract can be viewed and printed HERE.

Foster Parents
  • Equine "Lacy" fostered by Deborah Oldakowshi. (8/10) And equine"Levi" fostered on (11/2010)
  • Equine "BeBee" currently in foster home. (8/10)
  • Pat Kass (2/08) fostering a potbellied pig named "Oscar2"
  • Mosley family (10/07) fostering pony "Annie" permanent foster NOT available for adoption.
    (Cervical Vertebral Stenotic Myelopathy. Also known as Wobblers. Diagnosed at Ohio State University.)
  • Equine "Dudley" fostered.

Unable to foster but would still like to help? Why not visit the "Ways to help" page and donate a bale of hay or a bag of feed?