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Looking for a pet? Visit our "Petfinders" web site or you may use the form below.
Just choose an animal and the breed then enter your zip code. Petfinders will then re-direct you to pets and shelters with animals who are close to your area.

Rescue 911 Finding Homes for Our Nations Pets. Also post and search for lost and found pets on Our national pet lost and found database is zip code driven and FREE!

Animal Abuse
(WARNING: the following websites may contain graphic photos of suffering animals)

American Horse Defense Fund - ADHF mission is to facilitate the protection, conservation and humane treatment for members of all equid species. Lists all rescues by state.
Dogs Deserve Better - Our mission is to unchain dogs and bring them in from the cold.
Pet Abuse News - breaking the cycle of violence through action, education and information. Abusers listed by state.


Acme Bird Cages - discover interesting bird cages, related articles, facts and resources.
Bird Safe - (VA) a website on pet bird care, safety, feeding, toys, forums, this is also a sanctuary (filled to capacity) but the site is worth visiting for lots of education
Parrotdise Bird Rescue - (WV) dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and adoption of exotic birds.
Phoenix Landing - (VA)-501c3 parrot rescue, rehab, adoptions, education
Wilson Parrot Foundation - (MD) where parrots are rehabillitated and re-homed.

Biological Pest Control

Spalding Labratories - preditor flies.
Biocontrol Network - mosquito control.


American Donkey & Mule Society - all you'd like to know on long ears! Besides the fact that they are adorable and smart.
Sound Horse Org - promoting and supporting the sound natural gaits of the Tennessee Walking Horse.
Blue Horse Charities - Non profit org. dedicated to TB finding homes and not ending up with kill buyers. Donations they receive are dispurssed to other non profits for each rescue adopted.
Herrmanns' Royal Lipizzan Stallions - Gabby and her troup used to come to Hog Heaven each year and put on a show with partial proceeds going to help our farm. She also adopted a welsh pony for HHRF named Geovannie. After her father passed, they seldom travel anymore.


American Kennel Club Inc. - breed info and reputable breeder links.
Central Penn Dogs - see also Pgh dogs.
Orthodogs Silver Lining - a place of hope for owners and caretakers of orthopedically challenged dogs. Fundraising and emergency financial help available for exceptional cases. In the hope that NO dog will go without a home or treatment because of their circumstance.
Pets Come First - Pets Come First, Inc. is a volunteer run, non-profit organization with a mission to improve conditions for animals at the Centre Hall branch of the PSPCA.
Pittsburgh Dogs - the ultimate source for dog lovers, rescues, help, a lot of info. Super super website.
Pawsitive Energy - holistic day camp for dogs in Ohio, Lori also does rescue.
Pom Print Rescue - in Oakdale PA.
Sweater A Shelter Dog - located in MN, this group takes used sweaters and turns them into doggy sweaters and freely distributes them to shelter dogs.
World Heart Foundation - Linda Blair rescue, sanctuary, vegan info.

Eye Protection/Fly Masks

Cashell Crusader Fly Masks - many designs to choose from to suit your horses needs. Long nose, short nose, ears, even for donkeys and mules.
Guardian Mask - The Guardian Mask with its unique patented design and UV protection "eyes" has proven to be the number one aid in protecting the eye.

Horse Rescue

Hope For Horses Rescue Foundation Inc. - horses for adoption that have been rehabilitated from neglect or slaughter.
Horse Lovers United - Lorraine Truitt founder. Located in MD. Primary focus are Standardbred rescue and rehab. Established in 1992 they have helped over 400 horses.
H.O.R.S.E. Rescue & Sanctuary - New York, horses for adoption, links to other rescues, articles on blind horses and more. Founders Mike & Chris Dodge.
Horse Rescue United Network - their lives are in our hands, Our goal is to give each horse a second chance at life, never having to endure starvation, neglect or abuse ever again.
Horse Welfare.Net - a resource for all individuals and organizations interested in the field of equine welfare, events, disease, disaster, discussion, funding, and much much more. We are also developing resources for individuals interested in adopting from, volunteering for, or otherwise supporting equine rescue organizations.
Horse Welfare Org - dedicated to bringing together non-profits and horse lovers from all over the world.
Last Chance Ranch - PA, Quakertown- rescue, rehome, rehabilitate, all horses are freeze branded for safe ID.
Muddy Creek Farms - PA, East Berlin- rescue, rehome, owner surrenders, Mission is to save horses so they do not go to slaughter.
New England Equine Rescue - run by Beth very nice web site with lots of photos, links and information. They also have a yahoo group and a my space.
Net Posse - Stollen Horse Resource and Education.
Qualset Family - aka Missys Hope rescue - this site lists rescues by state as well as a page listing persons seeking horses to adopt.
R.E.A.S.O.N - the retired equine adoption society of the north east. horses for adoption located in Harveys Lake PA run by Lisa Smith.
Wanderings Horse Country - private family site who rescue horses and keep them until they pass on with links to many other wonderful sites including poetry pages and grief counciling. Blackie awarded HHRF with 2 awards for website content and care of the animals.


Catnip Acres - Our mission is to eliminate the pain and suffering associated with cat overpopulation in Greene County, Pennsylvania. In furtherance of that goal, Catnip Acres provides a low cost spay/neuter program for domestic cats and a T.N.R. (trap, neuter, release), program for feral cats. We also have cats for adoption.
Fluffyjean Fund - A low cost spay and neuter program for felines of Washington County Pa. We are an all volunteer group committed to reducing cat overpopulation.
Paws Of My Heart - located in Western PA. Mission is to aid in protection of felines by provididng services that educate the public on spaying and neutering. We also provide medical care and homes for unwanted felines until permanent adoptive homes can be found. Our efforts have saved over 500 lives from feral cats to previous pets.

General Interest
(Education and public service)

Adoption HQ - site that has everything imaginable on adoption animals by breed or farms etc. They even have a link for human adoptions and attorneys, assistance, associations and more. Huge website.
Amy's Army - group of volunteers devoted to finding stem cell donors who can help Amy get well again. As we search for her perfect match we also enlarge the ranks of the National Bone Marrow Registry thereby helping thousands more like Amy who are also searching every day for their perfect match.
Bee Trail Horse Drawn Carriage Service - weddings, hay rides, party wagons, sleigh rides. Located in Berks county PA.
Blind - all about caring for a blind horse, eye diseases, resources and inspirations.
Equine Estates - internet home for horse lovers. Multi link site filled with info.
Equine Seller - free site to advertize your horse for sale and offers free listings for rescue groups also.
FL Horses - multi link website horses for adoption and more.
Fluffy Net - listings of all NO-KILL animal shelters and sanctuarys across the US. Fundraising and Fundraisers-site that lists ways to help non profit org.
Green People - worlds largest directory of eco-friendly products.
Horse 101 - search for horse sculptures, rescues, tack
Horse Smarts - search for rescues, tack, supplies, sculptures
Horse World Data - equine rescues listed by state.
Natural Horse Directory - links to all things equine.
Net Pets - complete internet pet connection for all animals. Info on health, disasters and pet care. They also assist in providing foster homes for pets whose owners serve in the military.
Noah's Wish Disaster Response - animal welfare org with one straightforward mission to keep animals alive and safe during disasters. Regina attended several of their training seminars.
PA Horse - bringing the PA equestrian community together with sales, breed info, health care, farriers and lots more.
PA Horse Mall - directory of all things equine related in the state of PA.
Tamarack Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center - Saegertown PA.rehabilitates wild animals and returns them to their natural habitats. Educational programs available for all groups.
The Horse Web - gateway to the equine world on the internet. breed info and search.
The Horse Show with Rick Lamb - America's horse radio station with taped shows for you to listen to if you missed the actual airing. Great place for helpful ideas
Res-Q-Me - dedicated to locating rescues, fosters, transporters and volunteers. you must be a member and sign up to use this site.


Blind Horse - discussion group on all things related to caring for and working with blind equids.
Catlins Rescue - animal rescue message board. you must join the group in order to post to this group.
COPD Heaves - yahoo group discussion board for owners of horses with Heaves.
Dog Rescue Railroad - group dedicated to finding transportation for animals that have been adopted.
Freecycle - Join freecyle in your area. this is a free to join Yahoo group that lets you post items, WANTED or items you are giving away, OFFERS. ALL items are free. This link takes you to the main Northeast groups where you can find your town. For example, Meadeville has 125 members. Join and find homes for unwanted furnature, toys, clothes, whatever.
Horse Rescue Railroad - you must join this yahoo group but they post trips so that hauling expenses can be shared.
Natural Horse Trim - yahoo group discussion board for keeping your horse barefoot as nature intended.
PA/NJ Pet Res-Q-Me and Animal Welfare Events - central place for SE PA and NJ families to locate a pet for adoption. Lists animal welfare activities. Join now and add your activity.
The Metabolic Horse - yahoo discussion group for owners of equines with Cushings disease, Insulin Resistance and chronic laminitis.

Hog Heaven Rescue Farm Adopters, Fosters, and Supporters
(If you have a website, please let us know for inclusion here)

Bookamer Family Farm - Meadville, PA eco tourism with a fun atmosphere.
Bowers Studio Design - Lisa Bower is on the board of HHRF she does graphic art and created our handout.
Caralee Capers - Pat Lee fostered Nugget who has crossed over the Rainbow bridge. And she did our website, petfinders and e-newsletter for 7 years.
Creative Wedding Photography - Pat McCamy sponsoring pot belly pig
EC&S Inc. Environmental Consultants - The Strnisa family adopted Belgian Big John, donkey Buckwheat, PMU filly Sweetpea and TWH Indy and goat Mary Kate. Plus they have 1 PBP named Miss Sugardale Bacon, 2 dogs, 2 cats, numerous birds and fish, and a sheep named Miss Lambie. And a goat named Gizmo. Another horse named Buddy. Frank is also the VP of HHRF and has helped with donations of money or needed items. He and his family are always willing to lend a hand with work!
Goulds Four Star Acres - The Gould family adopted Simon the PBP-their site shows off their other endeavors such as horses and daschunds.
Little Zoo 4 You - the Marsh family adopted PBP Timone & Pumba to join their ever growing petting zoo which travels to educate the public on animal care.
North Star Danes - (link goes to webshots) Lisa & Evan Williams, adopted TB Gremlin and renamed him Reddy. They also adopted horses, Pogo, Clyde, Beau, Lassie and Sunny to add to the herd of Buddy an auction rescue.
Owen Family Album - adopted filly Tia Maria. Her album contains pictures of her and her pals 2 pygmy goats.
Quarterline Farms - the Hillard family adopted mini donkeys Justine and Smokin Joe. Their site also contains tons of info on the civil war reenacting and sales of breyer horses.

Check us out through Comcast. To view your adoptable pets, go to Comcast Video On Demand and select your town then Pet Adoptions.
Or, select Pet Adoptions and your shelter's name.

Magazines and Books

Natural Horse Magazine - bi monthly publication that contains info on natural care and maintenance of horses. Features homeopathy, herbs, massage etc.
The - online guide to equine healthcare with the latest in depth articles. Veterinarian approved.

Premarin Foal

PMU Foal Adoption Network, Inc. - Osetgo MI foal placement for all states.

(please remember to check out our Store page for merchants who donate funds to Hog Heaven)

Bower Design Studio - custom jewelry design by Donald Bower in PA, Donald's wife Lisa is on our board.
Down Under Saddle Supply - has the worlds largest selection of Australian style saddles. We have a saddle to fit you, your riding style, your horse, and your budget. Discover the Aussie difference! Thanks and good luck with your program. Best Regards,Mike (editors note below..... Down Under made a donation to Hog Heaven Rescue to help the animals. Several of my friends own Down Under Saddles as well as myself, they are well made with great service before and after the sale.
Dry Guy - boot dryers for sale, gave HHRF a discount. Check them out
Eric's Animal Switchplates - 100% of the proceeds from the sale of these plates are donated to animal rescue organizations. This is a unique collection of ceramic animal head studies in lightswitch plates. Each piece is hand painted with the standard and characteristics of the breed. Even the screw heads have been painted to match.
Feed An Animal - click to feed an animal. Buy animal related products.
Gloraloma Ranch - sculptures by Linda Owen. Linda donated 2 sculptures to HHRF to benifit the animals.
Horse Hair Art - by Karen, your horse hair put into frames, sculptures etc
Petlane - lots of cat and dog toys. friend Marie Strausser.
Ruediger's Ceramics - horsehair with a flair.
Scratch N All - Stationary self scratching pad for ALL animals and humans too. Please mention Hog Heaven when you order so we get 5% of the sale. thank you.
Sure Pets - many grooming items for all animals including horses.
The Magic Zoo - Artist Merry Rosenfield designs and makes animal jewelry in pewter, sterling silver and 14K gold. Visit her site to see a variety of dog, cat, farm animal and horse jewelry." (Mary donated some jewelry to HH)
Towns End Art - model horses by Leslie Rothhaar. Leslie has donated custom models to HHRF to generate funds.
Twisted Fate Studio - Model horses by Beth Hoffert, Beth has donated custom models to help HH generate funds.
Uniquely Different Extensions - Katelyn sells her horse tail extensions on eBay and gives 10 to 15% of the final sale value to HHRF. If you show, check out her beautiful extensions.

Shelters and Sanctuarys

Greener Pastures Sanctuary - no kill sanctuary & adoption center in PA
Farm Animal Shelter - dedicated to rescuing and protecting farm animals with links so we can all work together to help animals in need.
Farm Animal Sanctuary and Adoptions - locations throughout the U.S.
The Cracker Box Palace - non profit large animal rescue located in NY.
The Rolling Dog Ranch Animal Sanctuary - in Montana rescues and shelters disabled animals. Every animal who arrives at the sanctuary gets another chance to have a safe and loving home. Our residents include blind dogs, blind horses, deaf dogs, blind cats, and others with medical issues like muscular dystrophy.
Ryerss Farm For Aged Equines - founded in 1888 we are the oldest retirement home for aged equines in the country. We also offer Blessing of the Animals and premarin foal adoptions.


ABC digestion aid, probiotic
Breathe Ease
Micro-Vet supplement
SeaLife Kelp Meal for animals
Uckele's Coco Soya Oil - Dec 1st 2006-the company donated 5 gallons to HHRF and set them up with a wholesale account to save them even more money.


G.A.I.T. - Milford PA, providing therapeutic riding to the tri-state area.(Genuine Alternative in Therapy)
Gress Mountain Ranch - The Gress Mountain Ranch offers counciling in the country. Animal assisted Therapy Program. Located in PA
Personal Ponies - Pittsfield MA dedicated to providing children with special needs a tiny Shetland pony to love and care for completely without charge.
S.T.E.P. - NY improving the lives of physically and mentally challenged people through the use of equestrian rehabilitation and treatment.(Saratoga Therapeutic Equesterian Program)
Shining Stars Therapeutic Riding Program - Gettysburg, PA. offering horsemanship and discipleship classes. Ministry to the disabled in conjunction with Freedom Valley Worship Center. Where we turn disability into ability.

Training / Boarding

Brad Cameron - mulemanship
Boarding/Lay-Up Care/Overnight - see HHRF adoptors offers boarding on occassion in the Gettysburg Area.
ClickRyder - click train your horse.
Clinton Anderson Down Under Horsemanship - donated VHS tapes to HH to sell on eBay
Chunda Farms - Bemus Point NY, Chautuaqua County's newest and finest equine facility.
Grandview Stables - in NY offers boarding and training incorporating Pat Parelli and John Lyons training. Link goes to Dawn Samuelson's email so you can contact her for more info.
Golden Triangle Farm - in Biglerville PA offers all levels of horse training. Specializing in TB and Trail Horses. Hay also for sale Large round bales. Please email Brian F.M.I.
John Lyons - Better Performance through education.
Kustom Made Performance Horses Hartstown Pa. 814-382-5221 or 814-573-3619. Trainer Nicole Koontz (Nicole dontates hours to HHRF)
Mind Meeting Mind - trainer Marv Walkers website with lots of helpful info.
Parelli Natural Horsemanship
PA State Animal Rescue Training - The Pennsylvania State Animal Response Team is a coordinated effort between several governmental, corporate, and private entities dedicated to the preparation, planning, response, and recovery of animal emergencies in Pennsylvania. The team's mission is to develop and implement procedures and train participants to facilitate a safe, environmentally sound and efficient response to animal emergencies on the local, county, state, and federal level. Regina, David and Dawn from Hog Heaven are certified in large animal rescue, as well as hold classes for teaching. See photos in the Events photo album.


A & L Transport - Lori hauls all over the US (Located in Gettysburg PA area) kind, compassionate horse hauling. 800-638-5511 home 717-624-3943 or 717-870-6919 (24 hr cell phone -best place to reach us at or for emergencies!)
Find-A-Horse-Hauler - website with a searchable database to find horse haulers in your area and compare prices.
Griffinsburg Equine Transport - (VA) hauls all over the U.S. visit site for more info
Horse Rescue Railroad - (Yahoo Group you need to join but it offers low cost hauling of rescued animals, PMU foals etc. Hog Heaven HAULING page
Sky Ark - free transportation for animals needing to be flown to their new homes once adopted or in urgent need of care via planes or motor homes.Buena Vista CO
Michele and Bill Shera - e-mail them for hauling horses. They have helped Hog Heaven and do a wonderful job. Their motto "You call, we haul".
Zeigler Livestock Transport - Sit back and relax and leave the driving to us. Dot licenced company since 1955.