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1. Foster Home shall provide all necessary sustenance to the animal, such as food, water, shelter veterinary care (yearly) and farrier care (every 6-8 weeks) and dental work (yearly) as is necessary to maintain said animal in good health and safety and shall provide a quality environment free of abuse, neglect, poor handling and/or mismanagement for the duration of said animalís residence on the property at "NO COST" to Hog Heaven Rescue Farm, Inc., as a donation to the rescue.
2. Foster Family shall keep Hog Heaven Rescue Farm, Inc. informed of all changes to (both Animal and Fosterer) name, address, and phone necessary to insure the protection of said animal and to enforce the provisions hereof. Hog Heaven Rescue Farm, Inc. retains the right to inspect any facility where said animal is kept at its discretion and without notice. If assigned agents of Hog Heaven Rescue Farm, Inc. determine that abuse or neglect exist, they retain the unilateral right to repossess said animal immediately or at such as may be required by the circumstances. Should Hog Heaven Rescue Farm, Inc. fail to immediately repossess the subject animal upon findings of abuse and/or neglect, such failure does not constitute a waiver of its right to do so subsequently. If harm and/or death of said animal results from any act of omission, neglect or otherwise preventable situation, Foster Home shall be liable.
3. Foster Home agrees to pay any and all reasonable attorney's fees and all court costs of Hog Heaven Rescue Farm, Inc. in the event any matter arising under this agreement is forwarded to any attorney for enforcement of Hog Heaven Rescue Farm, Inc. rights and remedies under this agreement.
4. Adopter shall notify Hog Heaven Rescue Farm, Inc. of said animals' death.
5. Hog Heaven Rescue Farm, Inc. maintains the ownership of the animal, throughout its life. Hog Heaven Rescue Farm, Inc. will dilligently search for a permanent home for the animal while it is fostered, unless it is a permanent foster home. If an adopter is found, the foster home has first choice to adopt the animal. If they chose not to, the animal will be adopted out. Only animals with special needs can be considered Permanant foster candidates. See FAQ's page.

I/We have read and understand and agree to abide by the rules set in this contract:

Signature_________________________________________________ Date ______

Thank you for supporting our cause.

(NOTE: If approved, you will be required to initial and sign a hard copy of this agreement. We will also require your SS number and a copy of your drivers licence.)