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Notes and info from current owner:

Galahad is a Friesian Sport Horse registered with the Friesian Sport Horse Registry.
His dam is a Gruella Spanish Mustang Paint, registered with the SMR (Spanish Mustang Registry) His sire is a Friesian named Flurry of Ca-Lyn see him at this web-site

Galahad also has awesome high knee action and would look absolutely beautiful 
under saddle. Here he is at the trainers for 30 days getting exposed to scary things in 2006
8 yr old Grulla Friesian Sport Horse Gelding, approx 15Hands
Up to date on all vaccinations, trimmings and worming

Galahad has been boarded at my farm for almost 5 yrs, he was never ridden by his adopter
He was sent for desensitizing training and getting acclimated to the saddle bridle etc
in 2006. He was mounted a few times while at the trainers in the round pen. His training 
never progressed and he was mainly handled by volunteers at my farm, bathed a few times, groomed and hand 
led around to expose him to new things.

He was ridden a handful of times in the arena, walk trot, anything faster resulted in bucking 
as he was not yet acclimated to a rider balancing them and understanding the whole riding 
picture, as his training was cut short and he was left to become a pasture puff.

He is extremely loving and friendly and loves human companionship, he will accept a saddle 
and bridle but has no idea what to do, he tries then reverts to his flight mode when his mind 
wanders to his surroundings instead of being focused on his handler and can get spooky when 
that happens.

He is in desperate need of consistent training and handling to overcome his own flight instincts 
and revert to the trust of his handler, he just doesn't know..

He in my opinion has had the short end of the stick as he can and would have made a wonderful
mount as he just loves it when you spend time with him. His adopter had good intentions but 
was not able to follow thru with what he desperately needed, she ensured he was well maintained, 
but she did nothing else to spend time with him and he mainly spent time on his own in the pastures.

He is the first at the gate, easy to catch, leader in the herd and is in desperate need of a job and 
his own special person to love and spend time with him individually.

He has a dorsal stripe down his back, a beautiful velvety coat in the winter with black points on his 
ears, he is truly a beautiful horse and is not recommended for a beginner, he must have an 
experienced new owner to help him along and bring out his true potential.

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