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An Important Message from Regina
These alpaca's are not rescues, but donations to the rescue. Not every male is of breeding quality. The breeding that alpaca breeders do to improve the fiber on their herd, makes yesterdays champion not champions today.
We have offered breeders a way to allow them to downsize their non breeding males, receive a tax write off and also allow us to introduce alpaca's to the folks that would like to try them as pets, fiber animals and or 4 H projects. 
This is the first program that we know of that allows alpaca's to be obtained without the financial investments that it takes for a breeding herd. It is again a win- win situation and we are very excited about offering this.
The alpaca's donated to Hog Heaven are very well cared for, registered alpacas.  A variety of colors and we have both suri and huayca's.. 
They are a wonderful, docile animal with fun personalities. Of course, as with all animals you get out of them what you put into them as far as handling and calmness around people.
Regina 11/21/06