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Some Of Our Adopted Animals

If you've adopted an animal of ours and would like your family and pet listed here, please send the photo and information via e-mail to the webmaster or to Regina.
Corrections needed? Please e-mail the webmaster.
We really appreciate photos of the animals in their new homes for use in our scrapbook and on our website.

Click HERE for photo release (required for minors only).

View our Favorite Farm Photos HERE ...

2011 Adoptions

Sandra Roberto, horse "GALLAHAD" in Feb.
Stacey and Chad Wolf, a potbellied pig "Dixon", 3/27/11
Rozzero family of Rhode Island, horse "BLAZE"
Potbellied pig "PRINCESS"
"Jonah", a horse

2010 Adoptions

Heather Bochonok, horse "ARAMUS" in Oct.
Mildred Dillaman, horse "RENO" in Jan.
Jimenez family, alpaca "JETHRO", "JONATHAN" and "NICOLAS" in Jan.
Latshaw family, horses "ISIS" and "VEGAS" in Feb.
Sue Marshall and Jean State horse, "DIAMOND" (formerly "Mr. J") in July
Dan McKay, horse "FROSTY"
Miles family, dun filly (formerly #23) "PEEWEE", in July. Aug. 27th, adopted curley
gelding (formerly #30).
Erin Moore, pot belly pig "BISCUIT" in Aug.
Steven Moore, standard donkeys "FRICK" & "FRACK" in Jan.
Deborah Oldakowshi, horses "LACEY" & "LEVI" in Dec.
Ripley family, pony "TOBY" in March
Gretchen Schlueter, pot belly pig "HAMLET" in Nov.
Wigney family, alpacas "RAPHAEL", "SPIGOT" and "ZIP" in March